Boldvember Reveals You’re Never Too Old

How would you act if you did not know how old you were?

A photo competition showing seniors living boldly, is smashing negative stereotypes about ageing, proving how old you are has nothing to do with having fun.

Feros Care launched the Boldvember Get Bold Not Old photo competition to find out what age has to do with happiness and leading a full life, and organisers were blow away by the response.

Proving age is just a number, the photos entered in the competition reveal seniors living life in spectacular style – ignoring illness and decreasing mobility – showing there is no such thing as “acting your age”.

Amongst the eye-opening assortment of entries there is a marathon runner, an iron man, a gym fanatic, a boat-builder, and a 92 year old adrenalin junkie – the oldest woman to complete the thrilling Giant Zipline in Fiji.

Diane Akenhead, 77, who entered a photo of her fulfilling a lifetime wish of touching a wild elephant, advises fellow seniors to ignore the pessimists and never give up on dreams.

“Take every opportunity you can and run with it!”

At 85, Margaret McAtasney taught herself to walk again, and as she says, age is no excuse to miss out.

“You’ve got to keep laughing – I’ve just done my Zumba workout! You’ve got to join in and things keep getting better!” she says.

At 92, marathon runner Norman Phillips, was in such good physical shape, doctors operated on his hernia to get him back in the race.

“You’re never to old to do anything,” says Norman, who would donate the prize money to aged care fitness programs.

There’s still time to enter the Boldvember Get Bold Not Old photo competition in time to win some extra cash for Christmas.

BOLDvember really proves that age is just a number. BOLDvember invites everyone over 70 to be photographed being Bold Not Old, and post it to and be in the draw for the $2000 first prize.

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